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A new product group under the TORR brand - shock absorber repair kits!

The German company Carberry GmbH continues active expansion of its assortment on the automotive components market. One more new product group has appeared under the TORR brand, which is included in the company's portfolio - shock absorber repair kits. Current range of new product group includes more than 30 articles both of sets of dusters and bumpers, and separately bumpers.

The company's technical specialists recommend that every time a shock absorber is replaced on a car, new dusters with bumpers should also be installed, as this is one of the key factors affecting the service life of the shock absorbers.

The current range is designed for installation on the most popular car models. Among the new products are the following positions:


  • Article DR0102 – shock absorber repair kit (duster + bumper) for TOYOTA RAV4 05->;
  • Article DR0114 – shock absorber repair kit (duster + bumper) for FORD FOCUS 2;
  • Article DR0119 – shock absorber repair kit (duster + bumper) for VW Golf/Touran 04->.


The materials used in the manufacturing of the TORR shock absorber repair kits fully correspond to original quality. All brand products are certified in accordance with the requirements of the EU and EAC legislation. Using TORR shock absorbers on your car is a guarantee of maximum comfort and safety for you and your passengers. All TORR auto components undergo multi-stage quality control during production in special research centers, where production processes are monitored and a high level of product reliability is ensured.

All brand products have an unconditional one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

New positions under the TORR brand – gas springs!

Specialists of the German company Carberry GmbH are pleased to announce a new product group under the TORR brand: gas springs! The company continues to expand actively its assortment and in the nearest future more than 50 articles of this new product group will be available on the market.

Gas springs provide smooth opening and locking of the trunk or bonnet in the raised position in most modern cars and prevent shock loads. High-quality rubber for seals is used in the production of TORR gas springs and the side surface of the stem is processed as carefully as possible that prevents the leakage of the connection between the guide sleeve and the stem and ensures a long service life.

TORR gas springs are adapted for use in different climate and retain their performance at both low and high temperatures.

Among the new products are the following positions:

  • Article DK0141 for RENAULT Sandero 08->;
  • Article DK0138 for PORSCHE Cayenne 02->;
  • Article DK0114 for CHEVROLET Lacetti 05->;
  • Article DK0133 for LAND ROVER Freelander 2 06->;
  • Article DK0148 for SSANG YONG Kyron 05->.


All products manufactured under the TORR brand undergo multi-stage quality control during the production process. All Carberry GmbH factories are certified according to the ISO/TS 16949: 2009 quality system. Each of them is equipped with a research center where production processes are controlled and a high level of reliability of products is provided. All brand products have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.