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Air suspension

Air suspension is an important mechanism of any modern vehicle, with which the business class cars are most often equipped. The fundamental difference between the air suspension and the spring suspension is the use of air bags instead of a metal spring. Air suspension owner can adjust the driving performance of the car, picking up the pressure in the air bags.

The main competitive advantages and features of air suspension:

1. The ability of adjustment.

You can set the clearance in a very wide range, changing the height of the car and its rigidity. A simple replacement of springs for higher/lower or hard/soft ones does not always make it easy to get the required ground clearance and driving characteristics of a car. Besides, the replacement of standard springs with modified ones irreversibly changes the ride quality of the car from the average consumer in a certain direction, thus narrowing the scope of the car. For example, shorter and stiffer springs can improve vehicle handling on good asphalt, but make the car impractical under conditions that are not ideal, and longer and softer springs improve off-road qualities and smoothness of the car, but irreversibly impair its road performance, making it unsteady and worsening cornering.

Air suspension allows you to avoid compromises and get good driving qualities of the car in any acceptable road conditions for its class.


2. Good handling.

Air bag is characterized by progressive compression: the more the suspension is compressed, the more the pressure in the bag and rigidity are increased. Thanks to this, it is more difficult to "break down" the air suspension, than a spring one, and adjusting the pressure from the passenger compartment gives the car owner a tremendous opportunity to tune the ride quality of his car. At face-to-face comparison of the air and spring suspensions, a more stable behavior in turns and a reduced roll in the former relative to the latter one are striking.


3. Extensive customization options.

Each car owner is individual and has his own idea of the ideal behavior of the car on the road.  Besides, the car is not always equally loaded: in some cases there may be five people in the car, and in some cases - the driver alone. Naturally, the load on the suspension and the car sinkage will be very different.

Air suspension allows you to adjust the rigidity and height so that the ride quality of the car is not changed regardless of the number of passengers and cargo. Besides, the driver can customize the car to his/her mood and style of driving.


Under the Torr brand, both bags and pneumatic shock absorbers are available for the entire list of popular cars, on which pneumatic shock absorbers have been ever installed. All of them undergo a quality check before launching the sale. The high reliability of TORR pneumatic shock absorbers is due to the use of exclusively high-quality materials and innovative design developments in the production: in the manufacture of sleeves, an improved cord is used, and the rubber composition, thickness, and power cord in pneumocylinders are improved especially for harsh operating conditions. Due to the improved cord, the pneumocylinders are able to withstand the maximum loads that occur when they fall into the dents and bumps on the roadway. The comfort and smoothness of air suspension with Torr pneumocylinders does not differ from the original ones.

All parts are tested at the factory both already in the shock absorber, and separately. All plants have certificates of quality. The products have all the certificates required for sale both in the EC countries and in the countries of the Customs Union.

Additional confirmation of the high quality of air shock absorbers are the warranty obligations of the manufacturer - 12 months from the date of purchase.